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Image: Learning how things work
It's fascinating to watch Declan figure out new things everyday. He's gotten so much better at using his hands, he now grabs everything in reach which definitely keeps us on our toes, but also lets him do things to soothe himself, like shoving the pacifier in his mouth, or a stuffed animal, or a burp cloth, or a ...

I think I'll win the award for wimpiest way to hurt yourself... driving home from Live at the Levee one night, Declan was fussing a bit so I reached back to put the binky in his mouth and tweaked my shoulder something good... I've been telling people it's an old war wound...

Jen and I finally got a 4 door car, a 2005 Camry. The two doors have been fine until Declan outgrew his pumpkin seat. With the new car seat in rear-facing position, we had to climb in and out of the small opening with Declan in our arms... a week and a half of that and we got a new car.

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Image: Last Chance Ranch
Our friend Tony was kind enough to invite us, and a bunch of other folks, out to his families ranch last weekend for barn dancing, gun shootin, hiking, horseback riding, and good ol' R&R. We had a blast. Declan was his usual good-natured, layed-back self and was a big hit with everyone.

Tony and his family were amazing hosts. They took care of pretty much everything, cooking, cleaning up, DJs, and playing tour guides to the whole crew. The crowd came from all over, Chicago, Crystal City, St. Louis, ...

Jen shot a gun for the first time (and liked it a little too much), we both shot skeet for the first time (I hit one on my first try), and Declan had more firsts than could possibly be listed...

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I've changed the software I use for my Photo Gallery to a free, open-source, php based program called Gallery. It's a huge improvement over the old software. I've also add a bunch more pics of Declan and other stuff.
Image: His First Full Nights Sleep- June 13, 2006
It's amazing what a difference 8 solid hours (that's for Jen and I, Declan slept 12) of sleep makes. I feel like a new man!

Another first for today, Declan can no hold onto things for extending periods... he had his little plastic key set in his hands for at least an hour. Much of that time was spent trying to cram the keys into his mouth.

And he's finally begun Chinese lessons, I know I know, we're way behind... he took his 2nd trip to Noodle Cafe (in the Loop East of Skinker), his first trip we bonded with the owner as he cried most of the time (the only time he's ever cried at all while eating out) and they were more than happy to play with him as we ate... Today he was all smiles as he showed off all his new tricks. We learned Nai-Nai (spelling highly questionable) is Chinese for mother's milk.
Image: It's the little things... May 31, 2006
Declan is doing good.  He slept his first 7 hour night Wednesday night!  Yay!  He did a 5 hour one last night, so we're not consistent yet, but it was still pretty nice. 

On Monday he also intentially grabbed the red dog upstairs and the blue elephant on his car seat.  Very cool!  He's giggling more now and grabbing at things more now.  He's so cute! 

He also had his biggest explosion yet today....soaked right through the diaper!  Usually it just leaks out the sides and/or top.  This time it did all that plus soaking through the actual diaper material...Talk about a big mess!  His whole back was covered in poo, as was his outfit, burp cloth, boppie cover, boppie pillow, couch, changing pad, and pack and play sheet.  Yuckie!  it was his smelliest batch yet also...

Anyhoo, that's the big stuff this week.  Otherwise he's just his usual cute little self...although Dave weighed him again and we think he's around 15 1/2 lbs now. 
Image: 7 Weeks old today
So we went and had pictures taken of Declan at Sears Portrait Studio. It was Jen's idea. I argued endlessly that I could get just as good of pics for a lot cheaper and figured we wouldn't actually buy anything... I hate being wrong... they got some great pics, one was so good the photographer is putting it up a huge version of it on the wall of the store... so we had to buy a big version of that one, and then there were a bunch of other good ones that I just couldn't pass up. Perhaps it's just fatherly pride.

Declan took his first road trip last weekend. We went to a cousins wedding in Southwest Missouri. I'm continually impressed by how pretty Missouri is, particularly in Spring and Fall... Declan pretty much slept the whole time, uncharacteristic for him, but better than having him scream from his car seat. On the way home, we went by the place where my father spent many of his childhood weekends in the 40s, a cabin on the Bourbouis river and scouted for good barns to take pics of for my mom's new painting career.

On the homefront, we've started trying to get Declan into regular eating and napping routines to give Jen a little more downtime and to avoid, overtired Declan crankiness... not much luck yet but hopefully we'll have it mostly established in a week or two.

And of course, there are some new pics up at
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