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His First Full Nights Sleep- June 13, 2006

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 6/13/2006 | Views: 2640
It's amazing what a difference 8 solid hours (that's for Jen and I, Declan slept 12) of sleep makes. I feel like a new man!

Another first for today, Declan can no hold onto things for extending periods... he had his little plastic key set in his hands for at least an hour. Much of that time was spent trying to cram the keys into his mouth.

And he's finally begun Chinese lessons, I know I know, we're way behind... he took his 2nd trip to Noodle Cafe (in the Loop East of Skinker), his first trip we bonded with the owner as he cried most of the time (the only time he's ever cried at all while eating out) and they were more than happy to play with him as we ate... Today he was all smiles as he showed off all his new tricks. We learned Nai-Nai (spelling highly questionable) is Chinese for mother's milk.
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