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It's the little things... May 31, 2006

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 6/13/2006 | Views: 3013
Declan is doing good.  He slept his first 7 hour night Wednesday night!  Yay!  He did a 5 hour one last night, so we're not consistent yet, but it was still pretty nice. 

On Monday he also intentially grabbed the red dog upstairs and the blue elephant on his car seat.  Very cool!  He's giggling more now and grabbing at things more now.  He's so cute! 

He also had his biggest explosion yet today....soaked right through the diaper!  Usually it just leaks out the sides and/or top.  This time it did all that plus soaking through the actual diaper material...Talk about a big mess!  His whole back was covered in poo, as was his outfit, burp cloth, boppie cover, boppie pillow, couch, changing pad, and pack and play sheet.  Yuckie!  it was his smelliest batch yet also...

Anyhoo, that's the big stuff this week.  Otherwise he's just his usual cute little self...although Dave weighed him again and we think he's around 15 1/2 lbs now. 
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