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Image: Declan Bryson O'Leary- Born 3/6/06 10:31PM
Baby and mom are sleeping peacefully as I write this. Declan's a big, healthy boy at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches long. He's perfect as can be other than standard newborn issues with a bit of a cone head and baby acne but still cute as can be.

Mom and baby worked hard at getting him out the old fashioned way but he just couldn't get past the cervix so after 11.5 hours of labor, we changed courses and went with a C-section, 30 minutes later, he was out, crying, and covered in goo...
The latest round of contractions started at 10 this morning and they were the real deal this time. Jen suffered through some pretty back back pain for quite awhile and got really intense once contractions started... we headed out for the hospital a bit after 11. We recently found out Jen's water was already broken, not quite sure when that happened. Our little guy should be joining around dinnertime tonight.

Check this site for the latest... :-)
Nothing new to report, some more contractions, some back pain and other discomfort, but still at home waiting.
Well, no show yet... we were pretty sure it was gonna happen last night though, lots of hard, sustained contractions starting at 4:30 AM but then they trailed off around 5:30 (after I had gotten dressed and everything packed). This morning has been calm so far, perhaps the pancakes will stir him to action...
Around a year ago, I mentioned that I believed The Daily Show was the best news show out there (which is sad since it's comedy)... and here's a study that shows that Daily Show viewers are indeed the most informed.

And while I find that somewhat vindicating, it's just really sad that a comedy show does a better job at informing it's viewers than any of the news programs out there.
Jen just left the hospital after having them check some things out with the whole pregnancy thing... they think she'll be back in within 24 hours for the "Main Event"... so, he could be coming very soon!!! Yikes... still so much to do to get ready!
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