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Image: We're having a baby!!!
Yup, that's right, the little 4.5 cm blob in this pic is a lovely combo of me and the misses genetic material. We're so excited! Just got the ultrasound done yesterday. We're about 10 weeks in at this point. Everything seems to be progressing perfectly so far... babies' heartbeat is 169/minute. Size is right on target. And Jen is finally not feeling nauseous all of the time. I'm so ready to be a dad!

In the pic, the head is the left oval... the babies hands are on its cheeks... can't see the legs in that pic.
Image: Greetings from Colorado
Jen and I are in the midst of a week long trip to Colorado... neither of us has been to Colorado in the summer since we were kids and we both had fond memories of our trip back then... The pic you see here is taken from the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park... Jen and I hiked around 11 miles and 3500 vertical feet to bring you this pic so you better appreciate it... it was truly one of the coolest things I've ever done and seen. Pictures.
Image: Sister Loveshovel's CD Release Party
My band, Sister Loveshovel, just completed our CD and we're having our CD Release Party on Feb. 18th, at Dressel's (in the Central West End).

Check out our website to learn more, download tracks, and see other upcoming shows. Read More...
So, asked 120 scientist to state one thing they believe in but can't prove. To me, there are some truly fascinating concepts.

One of my favorites:
I believe that consciousness and its contents are all that exists. Space-time, matter and fields never were the fundamental denizens of the universe but have always been, from their beginning, among the humbler contents of consciousness, dependent on it for their very being. Read More...
I've posted a bunch of new wedding photos to my photo gallery.
So I do this thing called Philosophical Cafe whenever I get a chance. It's led by a Webster University professor and is run as a simple discussion. If you're interested, let me know and I'll keep you up to date on when it's happening... anywho, here's some thoughts from tonights discussion... Read More...
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