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Fixing Metropolis

Categories: Dave | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 7/22/2004 | Views: 2735
Metropolis almost got shutdown last night but it didn't and now we need to figure out a way to fix it...
1.) Make Metropolist a discussion list again- I believe that having Metropolist as an open discussion and annoucement forum was one of the reasons Metropolis took off... it was through the discussions and information that I got that inspired me to attend and participate at meetings... when we divorced the Metropolist, communication became mostly top down. People could communicate at meetings but a.) that's scary to many new people, b.) they were never involved enough in the project/effort to bother to come. Online discussions make it easy to get involved and to determine whether it is something you want to commit your time to.

2.) No more social flops- We get new people coming to events and meetings all the time... waaaay to often, their first experience is a negative one... very few people are there, no real discussion, ... We need to work to ensure the events we have are major successes so that people will want to come back and get involved... this may mean major changes to the Walk, perhaps cancelling Celebrate the City for this year... and, I think everyone needs to put a lot of effort into making "The Lot" completely rock! The Lot has historically done very well with attendance around 2000 and gives a very good impression of Metropolis. Its creators don't feel enough support. Let's focus energy on making the lot great. Let's discuss.

3.) Marketing- Once we have some changes made, we need to get the word out. We need to push. We need to introduce ourselves and re-introduce ourselves to the public. A push needs to be very concentrated in time and very broad overall so that when people come to our events and meetings, there are lots of other people there with energy and excitement.

These are my ideas for now, I'm sure I'll have more and please add your own by going to The Stlouist.

David O'Leary
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