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Long Overdue Updates

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 6/23/2008 | Views: 7622

I've truly been remiss in my updates for the last few months but taking care of two little guys, running and try to grow a company, and rehabbing a basement has pretty well removed any concept of freetime from my life. Thankfully, the basement is pretty much done so that should make things more manageable now.

The boys are both doing great. Gavin continues to be such an easy going and fun baby. He's quick to smile back when smiled at and is figuring out his hands and feet more and more everyday. Declan is very much a two year old. He's working hard to differentiate his identity from that of his parents. Basically, that means he's saying "No" a lot and doing the opposite of what we tell him. He's still wonderful and well behaved overall, but there are certainly times where he strains your patience a bit. It is so fun watching him grow up.

Yesterday, we were watching TV. Declan hopped off the couch. Walked into the kitchen. We heard him open the fridge.. a few things were shuffled... close the fridge. Then he came back into the room with his sippy-cup and a smile. He took a few chugs off the sippy cup, climbed back up on the couch and continued watching TV. And Jen and I knew he had just reached the next level.

That was a truly rare case where Declan said nothing. Most of the time at home, he's extremely vocal. His pronunciation is excellent. He can say almost anything though 3 syllable words still tend to throw him... Banana is "Baanna". Repition is the standard. Often you can see the gears turning as he tries to make sure he's phrasing, emphasising, pronunciating, or describing things right. Sometimes though, it's just to get what he wants. "Dekan needs his binkie, Dekan needs his binkie, Dekan needs his binkie, ...."

To be continued...

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