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Adding to our clan - Gavin Finnegan O'Leary - 2/8/08

Categories: | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 2/11/2008 | Views: 3753
The newest O'Leary decided on Thursday that he was feeling a bit cramped living within his Mom... something about wanting more space, being able to make his own choices about where he goes and what he wants to eat...

Baby Stats:
Born: 2/8/08 at 12:28 pm (15 days early)
Gender: Boy
Name: Gavin Finnegan O'Leary
Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz
Length: 20 inches


Things went quickly at first and then we pretty much had a repeat of Declan's birth except, instead of 10 hours of labor into an emergency c-section, Jen labored for 14 hours and then a much more well considered c-section.

Gavin and Jen are both doing great. Jen got all her tubes and wires off yesterday and got to take a shower today. Gavin will hopefully start packing on some pounds today now that it seems Jen's milk has come in.

Declan has been spending the last few days with Jen's parents and seems to be handling all the oddities and changes in good stride. Each time he meets Gavin he gets a bit more playful with him; the beginnings of a lifelong friendship we hope.

We head home tomorrow and can't wait to get settled into our new life as a 4-person family. Now we just need to get our basement project started and completed so Efficion can move out of the baby's room!
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