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Halloween 2

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 11/1/2007 | Views: 4298

Declan's 2nd Halloween. Funny how much he liked all the scary stuff around the house. He really enjoyed the ghoul hanging from the foyer light along with our graveyard and the pumpkins.

This was his first year really trick or treating. At first he seemed confused by it all but then he started getting the hang of it. He seemed to prefer getting to climb people's stairs over getting candy. Once he got going he didn't like it when the routine was interupted: go up sidewalk, climb stairs, ring doorbell, stare at candy bowl until candy is placed in plastic pumpkin, say bye, go down stairs, repeat. There were a couple houses he just wanted to stay and climb the stairs over and over. Both had boys slightly older than him who wanted to give him candy every time he came up. There were a couple times he worked up the nerve to grab the candy himself but then he didn't seem to get the "only a couple pieces" concept.

Zoe joined us for the last couple houses and then we went back to our house and gave out candy with Grandma and Grandpa Capstick and Brian.

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