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Declan Week 3 Photos

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 4/8/2006 | Views: 3748
Lots more pics of Declan up on my photo site: (see Declan/Week 3).

  • Declan turned one month old on April 6th. They grow up so fast...
  • Went to the Doc on Thursday for Declan's one month appointment. He's grown an inch (22 inches), gained some weight (10lbs, 3oz), and is looking all around healthy.
  • Declan has slept all the way through all 6 times we've eaten out so if anyone wants to do dinner, we're usually up for it.
  • Declan took his first trip to the zoo and the City Museum (we're showing friends from out of town around)... pretty much slept through most of both.
  • He's continuing to get more and more alert and awake every day.
  • We actually had two nights away from Declan last week, once for the Death Cab for Cutie concert and once for dinner. He was in the good hands of his extended family and seems okay with the whole thing.
  • He's learned to interact with at least one of his toys and is better at entertaining himself while awake.
  • He seems to be going through some growth spurts which don't give Jen a lot of time to do anything but feed, but I guess it's okay if he grows up a bit though I'll certainly miss his current way of being.
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