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Settling In

Categories: Declan | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 3/20/2006 | Views: 2797
I think we're finally beginning to get the hang of this thing called parenthood. There's no real routines yet or even regularlity but there's a lot less fumblimg, searching, wondering, and most importantly, challenges.

Declan's eating well now. For the first week and a half he was losing more weight than he should have but seems to be packing it on nicely now and 15 minute feedings now only take 20 minutes. Last night was probably the best sleeping night we've had yet. While he did wake up every three hours for a feeding and a few diaper changes, there were no extended crying sessions like there have been. Wake up, change, feed, change, go to sleep. That I can handle. It was the staying awake for 2 hours between 3am and 5am while he screamed for most of the time that was considerably more trying of my patience.

All the little tasks that used to require both Jen and I are now second nature and can be performed by just one of us and so we're better able to sub for each other better so we both get our downtime.

Now that things have settled down, we'd love to let people start meeting Declan. So let us know if you want to swing by and meet the little fellow. We're home most the time, just give us a call in advance so we can schedule feedings and whatnot accordingly.

Lots more pics are up...
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