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Categories: Dave | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 1/20/2006 | Views: 3612
We had a wee bit of excitement here on November 28th as a class 0 tornado touched down in my back yard... it was quite the surreal experience... I was working in my breakfast room at around 11pm when rain started pelting the windows loudly... odd, I thought, never heard that before... then the door started shaking and I thought might burst open so I decided to hold it shut... it didn't take long before I realized that was stupid and so I ran and called for Jen (who was in the upstairs bathroom wondering why the windows were shaking) so we could head to the basement but by the time she made it down, it was over...

The storm knocked a huge chunk of my sycamore into my back yard along with the top of the neighbors magnolia. The neighbors large pine tree was uprooted into his front yard and a huge old oak tree fell into another neighbors house. Branches and whatnot were all over (and did quite a job on my car) and my roof (which needed replacing anyway) was everywhere, including in a yard 7 houses away. Pics
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