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House Project Progress

Categories: Dave | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 1/20/2006 | Views: 3051
We've been working furiously trying to get the house in shape for our new arrival (they're very picky about this stuff you know)... We replaced the roof which has needed doing for awhile but was helped along by the class 0 tornado we had on Nov. 28th. We're currently more than doubling the size of the master closet by just building it out into the unused deadspace and putting in all new closet stuff.

We're still in the process of completely redoing the breakfast room (aka Efficion Consulting's world headquarters). So far we've removed the drop ceiling to put in a slatted wood ceiling and ripped paneling off the interior wall to expose great brick work. We'll be redoing the floor, putting in a large bay window, replacing the door with much bigger mostly glass door, replacing paneling with dry wall, putting in a new fan/light and redecorating.

After that stuff is done, we've only got two more rooms to redo, the kitchen (big project) and the living room (just patching and painting). And then all the little fixes, improvements, and whatnot that houses require... oh, and replacing the fence in back, and reworking the driveway/garage and...
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