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Coming along nicely...

Categories: Dave | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 12/28/2005 | Views: 3227
We're six month into this pregnancy and boy do my feet hurt... As you can see from the accompanying pic, there's no doubt Jen's pregnant. If she's this big at 6 months... could be a long 3rd trimester.

Near as we can tell, everything is progressing swimmingly... the baby is in the 70% of size for his "age", so much so that they moved our due date up to March 14th (from the 24th). All indications are that we'll have a fabulous little boy in a few months... Jen's having a harder time finding a comfortable position to sleep, her feet swell if she's on them for too long, getting up from a chair is getting more challenging, and shoe-tying will soon be a thing of the past (give's me a chance to practise up on tying shoes on others before the big day arrives).
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