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Categories: Dave | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 11/23/2005 | Views: 2939
When I first graduated college, I remember having a conversation with friends about the term, "Man" and when does it apply. While in news reports you may here reporters refer to a 16 year old "man", it just never seemed valid to me. No, a "Man" to me was always someone older to me, people my fathers age and up. In fact given the choice between referring to myself as "Man" or "Boy", I chose boy. ("Guy" was my choice of preference though.)

But today, I turn 35. I'm married. I've owned a house for 10 years. My last roommate moved out Saturday. I run my own company. And I've got a child on the way.

And so, it seems I'm becoming more comfortable with the term. I still don't know that I'm there yet... perhaps some occurrences as I raise my child and get used to be being referred to as Mr. O'Leary will finally make it seem to fit.
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