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Candidate Roundup- updated...

Categories: Politics | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 2/2/2004 | Views: 3275
This is my ongoing analysis of what I think of the various candidates... I'll be recording my thoughts for each candidate here as I think through this thing. As of 1/30/04 at 2pm I'm leaning towards Dean.

My ongoing analysis is below but at this point I'm strongly leaning towards Dean cause I believe he'll do exactly what he says he'll do, he's trustworthy and I agree with him on most of his issues. I'm pretty sure that Kerry will win Missouri and most of the other states as well, Kerry's my 2nd favorite so that's alright, he's a bit too much of a politician, I'm not sure I believe everything he says, and he's been a bit inconsistent, but he has some very good ideas and he has the best chance of beating bush.

Here's a good comparison of the candidates, though it favors Clark, it lists positions for each.

I've heard most of the candidates talk about imposing environmental and human rights restrictions upon free trade, i.e. there's nothing fair and good about trading freely with coutries that have no standards. I strongly support this.


Positives- Young, dynamic and attractive which may appeal to many people, Good website that spells out his ideas

Negatives- too many economic incentives/tax credits, too liberal/too much of a spender, bad speech-writer/very much a politician (can speak a long time and say nothing), just not much that stands out as original from him.


Positives- Speaks his mind, honest, consistent, passionate, smart, good and original programs and ideas, strong track record, will balance the budget, I agree with his stance on war (shouldn't have gone but can't just pull out now). amazing grass roots organizing, electrifying people who weren't interested, left-leaning but moderate, I like that he's directly attacking Bush's moves

Negatives- May have hard time against Bush, media focuses on negatives, Dean's negative attacks on Bush may turn off swing voters.


Positives- heard lots of good specific plans, strong on defense and economy, experience, good against Bush, good healthcare ideas

Negatives- inconsistent record on war (may be valid) and voting record in general, very much a politician


Positives- Extremely strong on defense/foreign policy, great resume, very good economic plan (fiscally responsible, simplified Progressive Tax plan that closes many loopholes), healthcare plan has focus on containing costs.

Negatives- Not so democratic, waffles lots not sure I trust him,

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