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Categories: General | Author: David O'Leary | Posted: 11/13/2003 | Views: 4011
Tired of radio stations that play the same stuff all the time and that play stuff you hate? Do you sit at computer at work all day and want to listen to a variety of music. Are you looking for a way to learn about new music that you might like? is your answer...

I hate most radio stations... they play the same music over and over and the commercials and djs can be even more annoying, distracting, and repetitive than the music. Stumbling upon was definitely one of my best finds. It plays a huge variety of stuff I love and stuff I've never heard of with no commercials.

With launch, you basically get to program your own radio station by selecting and rating your favorite genres, artists, songs, and albums. Launch will then stream songs to you and as it plays songs you can rate them (and/or the artist or album), skip them, or tell it to never play them again. In addition to playing the artists you rate, it will play similar artists.

I've discovered so many great new bands and so thoroughly enjoy launch that I really want to tell others about it.

So try it out at or, you can even listen to my radio station.

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