Sites of my Friends

Most people don't realize that one of the largest factors in determining your rank in a search engine is the number and popularity of links from other websites and so, here are some links to the sites of my friends and clients.

  • Blog St. Louis - A sited maintained by Larry Handlin that gives all sorts of information on the inner workings of St. Louis politics and has a particular focus on St. Louis Public Schools. Larry is a Political Scientist and really knows his stuff. I always consult Larry before voting.
  • - My cousin John O'Leary was burned over 98% of his body when he was 9. My aunt and uncle wrote a very inspirational book about it all...
  • - My brother's site. The website focuses on ideas for entrepreneurs... Learn how pain is the driving factor behind innovation and successful companies.
  • - My brother Matt's site which explores the cause and treatment of autism.


Some Sites Created by Efficion

Failoni Real Estate- A site created by Efficion for a local Real Estate firm.
MacroSun International- A site created by Efficion for a local Retailer of imported south-east Asian goods.
St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation- A site created by Efficion for a local bicycle Advocacy organization.